Trail at Inspiration Wood

Our mission at Inspiration Wood is to create an environment that inspires others to reach their greatest potential Spiritually, Personally and Professionally. We have added the Wellness Warrior mission to our plan: The mission of Wellness Warriors is to create an environment of empowerment that inspires others to be well in Spirit, Mind & Body-Being mindful of the benefits of essential oils and the power of living the dōTERRA lifestyle through healthy eating, exercise, getting enough rest, managing stress, reducing toxic load, informed self-care and being proactive in your medical needs with your healthcare provider.

What We offer:

Wellness Workshops: 90 days of Wellness

Weekly workshops to educate on different products and services that fit the topic of the 90 days of Wellness.

Wellness Weekends

Our future goal for our Wellness Warriors. Currently we do a quarterly day retreat with a 90 day Journal & Jewelry for the Journey.

Online Education on social media.
Zoom meetings:

For mentoring and education on products.

Social Media Campaigns:

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest.

Private Consultations

Set 90 day Wellness Goals with a Lifestyle overview. Tips to give you the best value for your membership and teach you how to learn to earn with dōTERRA.

Tribe Training: How to Share and Build a dōTERRA business

We are looking for Committed, Capable Hosts to Conduct Business with us. We offer: gemstone & oil paring class. 90 days of Detox Team tea parties, Edify, Encourage & Exclusive Tribe bonuses in our group page and at Tribe Training.

Make & Takes for Members

Empowered Essential Education. Blends to beautify, benefit and bestow bravery to be your best believers the business of blessing others.

Strengths Coaching for our Builders

Use your strengths to build your business and be your best.

Monthly Wellness Events

For Tickets:
Eventbrite or Wellness Warriors Facebook Page
For More Information: kimmie@inspirationwood.com


Joy, Jewelry & Journaling
Reflection Retreat: Reflection, Intention, Direction-
$125 for Journal, Jewelry and Joyful Blends
Private Consultations and Personal Care


Love Your Heart
LLV Supplements, Foundational Foods & a Healthy Heart
Make & Take: Romance and Love Blends


Green Smoothies
Wellness Workshop: Recipes for Green Smoothies
Make & Take: Green Blends, Magic March Blends


Aromatherapy & Essential Oils
Wellness Workshop: Body Care Basics
Make & Take: Products for Personal Fragrance


Mindfulness & Mother’s Day
Wellness Workshop: Mother’s Day Sets, Women’s Health, Myrrh
Make & Take: Green Cleaning Products, Tips & Training


Just for Kids & Joys of Summer
Wellness Workshops: Father’s Day Finds, Outdoor Cooking & Summer Salads
Make & Take: Sunny Summer Blends, Jitters & Jiggers


Jubilation – RED, White & Blue
Wellness Workshops: Outdoor Essentials, Foundations for Family
Make & Take: Freedom & Fun


Action & Mindfulness
Workshops: Back to School Basics, Get your act together
Make & Take: Focus Blends, Mental Clarity & Mindfulness


School Days
Wellness Workshop: School is in Session – back to school basics
Make & Take: Time Flies when you are having fun. Wellness Warrior Wings Workshop-Business Basics.


Health and Harvest time
Wellness Workshop: Which Witch? Hormones & Health
Make & Take: Halloween & Harvest Concoctions


Gifts of Gratitude
Wellness Workshop: Oils for Thanksgiving, Bountiful Blessings
Make & Take: Gifts of Gratitude/Cards to Match


Christmas Classes, Holiday Homemaking
Wellness Workshop: Gifts to Give, Christmas Cooking
Make & Take: Seasonal Sprays, Homemade Helpers

*Prices for non-members. Membership kits and packages available at events. (Price does not include tax.)