Why You Should Become A Wholesale Member?

  • We offer an Expectation Overview for 90 day wellness plans to teach you how to Live the dōTERRA Lifestyle.
  • We Empower others by educating them on how to make informed, sound decisions regarding the health and wellness of their families at Wellness Workshops and Private Consultations.
  • We Educate our team with Team Make & Takes to experience essential oil uses for your family, home and work.
  • We teach the Essentials of how to use dōTERRA and get the best discounts in the Loyalty Rewards Program.

Why should you become a Wellness Warrior?

  • We Expect our team to make the world a better place for countless others through our involvement in the Healing Hands Foundation and Co-impact Sourcing. We set an example with our donations to these causes.
  • We Educate by being examples of how using dōTERRA can improve lives: physically, emotionally & spiritually. We Live the dōTERRA Lifestyle.
  • We Empower our Tribe at Wellness Workshops, Tribe Training and Team make & takes.
  • We train on the Essentials of how to Build a business in dōTERRA. With a generous compensation plan-we have the potential for unlimited residual income. We can teach you how to get there.